»We are looking for people who are ready to disrupt«

Our vision is: "Make people smarter" - what that means? That is up to us to decide. We are looking for people who share our belief that making people smarter will ultimately make the world a better place. Internally, we have the ambition to attract, excite and develop the most talented and passionate people to join us in our mission. What does that mean in practice? We hire by potential and by how closely you can identify yourself with our values. We want to excite our people through fascinating challenges and a great team atmosphere. We develop through continuous mentoring and changing challenges tasks.

»We are looking for family members, not employees«

We believe that a startup offers many unique advantages such as unlimited possibilities to grow but also a family-like atmosphere. We go great lengths to create an inclusive yet individual environment so that peers become friends and bosses become peers. For many prospects, a decision to join Memorado is also a decision to move into a new environment. We want you to know that we are here for you - be it our buddy program or the regular team events, we want you to feel at home. Our office in the heart of Berlin and many complimentary benefits such as free breakfast round up our offer.

»You are ready for action? Join us in Berlin!«

You are looking for a vibrant environment, more internationals than locals and a city that can satisfy the most obscure hobbies? Then Berlin is the right place for you.Named one of Europe's top cities to live in, you will experience a fascinating mixture of history (such as the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate and Holocaust Memorial), culture (shown through 3 opera houses and world class musems), business (with most startups per square meter) and arts (literally too many artists too count). German as a language has been replaced by Berlin's very own mixture of English-Spanish-French-Italian-Scandinavian. Sounds like the right place for you? Willkommen in Berlin!

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